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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Flatline: NYC

So surfing around today inbetween visits to the principal's office and chats with Izzy, I find this blog called Flatline: NYC .

Now... at first glance, I get the odd feeling there's someithing wrong here. Ok... 13 Zebra, could be a real unit... but isn't the last time I checked the Matrix. Then, 6 Kilo... absolutely no way. No "K" unit would call themselves "Kilo". Usually it would be "King"... a few wise guys started using "Kenny" when South Park was at the height of popularity.

I check out the About link, and it says this blog is a work of fiction... and the author, named Tyson Lewis "is not a paramedic in New York City nor has he ever been involved in Emergency Medical Services in any way."

So now my question is... really? I find that hard to believe... with the harsh PARAGOD attitude towards BLS, and some of the more street knowledge only kind of things (like "bagging" a patient)... I think he's full of it saying that.

But that's okay brother... hide that white patch behind your mask... but just remember... this is NYC... and in NYC Medics may save lives... but EMTs save Medics...
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