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Friday, January 20, 2006

Izzy's 190

190 minutes was the call timer at the end of the phone call from Izzy last night. Yes, that's 11,400 seconds or 3 hours and 10 minutes of my life I probably will never get back... nor would I trade them for anything. So... I guess maybe we do have things to talk about.

First, let me say that it was actually longer. Allow me to explain. We IMed each other last night for probably around an hour. Once again, I told her about the 10 minutes it would take to get out of the building and the 20 minutes to get home.

So of course she calls 5 minutes later as I'm saying goodnight to my dispatch wolves. I don't know her phone number, and my phone is used more for work than social, so I answer it. Basically the first few minutes went like this:

Me: "Big Doggy's Kitty Kleaners how can I help you?"
Izzy: "Hey."
Me: "Yes, can I help you?"
Izzy: "It's me, Izzabella."
Me: "Oh hey, your calling early."
Izzy: "No I'm not."
Me: "Why it's been 10 minutes already?"
Izzy: "Hasn't it?"
Me: "No way, give me a sec. Alright, goodnight Vil. Goodnight Kat. Roman if you don't start listening I'm sending you to English as a second language classes. Goodnight Nick (who gave me the "Who the hell are you talking to and why because it isn't me!" look). Goodnight Eli. Goodnight Tim. Goodnight John Boy. You still there and awake?"
Izzy: Giggling...

Yes, I know... she giggles. There are alot of people who find that annoying... but I have to be honest... my knees got weak. So I meandered down the hallway, down to the floor of the garage, and on into my truck. I pulled up to the OPS Office, went inside, said a round of quick goodbyes, and then continued on while talking to her the whole time. So now I'm driving home and I get onto the Interboro Parkway (currently known as the Jackie Robinson Parkway to the rest of the world... but it will always be the Interboro to me) and some up through Cypress Hills Cemetery. Right there, in the middle of the snake turn, I lost signal and dropped the call.

Now an intelligent person would realize there just aren't any cell towers in the cemetery. Not I. I KNOW the dead people are sucking up the cell signals of the living... kinda like energy vampires. So... based on that... as soon as I'm out of the cemetery... I call her back. How? Well, like most cell phones these days I have Caller ID... unlike most people in NYC her number wasn't blocked. So... from Forest Park Drive where the dead people were behind me at approximately 9:00pm... for 190 minutes... we talked.

Now I have always said I am better at turning pages than talking. Yet, I think I did more than my fair share. What did we talk about? Well... our lives, our families, stories of past vactions or common locations. We talked about music, movies and collections. We did have some talk about writing... but we stayed away from the * ADULT * topics we had recently been discussing over IM.

So... now we have had human contact... well... cellular human contact that is. Today, the board was slammed and she came online. We spoke briefly... nowhere near as long as I would have liked. I hope she understands that every now and then someone decides to do something silly... like die... and I need to make sure they get an ambulance when they need it the most... like 5 minutes prior... and I actually left work on time tonight to go hang with my wolves while Pudding and her new beau go out to dinner. So it's an Ed'Edd'N'Eddy night for me... not sure what she's doing... probably something exciting... like knitting.

Of course... this wouldn't be me if there wasn't a little drama. After I got off the phone with Izzy, I brushed my teeth and tossed on my Jammys. I climbed under the covers, and just when I close my eyes... and Breaking the Habit starts blasting through the room. The Steff. So here's that conversation:

Me: Hey babe
Steff: Hey, did I wake you?
Me: No, I'm up. Everything okay?
Steff: Yeah. (Ok, bullshit, I know from the yeah it's no goosh)
Me: Are you sure?
Steff: Yeah, do you wanna go out?
Me: Uh (Now keep in mind... I need to be up in 5 hours... and I'm already in my Jammys under the covers... so now I'm thinking in my mind how to say this so she doesn't misunderstand)
Steff: Your in bed already aren't you?
Me: Uh
Steff: Yeah, you are.
Me: Yeah (no easy way to put it). Need a wake-up call tomorrow?
Steff: Yeah, like 9:00. Night hun.
Me: Night babe.

So, I called her at 9:00am this morning and got her up. She told me she was going to call me later... but this is The Steff... and she never calls when she says she will. But she did. She called me from work while I was hanging with the wolves. Again the question came up if I could go out, which she knew wouldn't happen since it's kinda hard to keep 5 kids quiet while watching the Cartoon Network. She didn't want to talk... but there's something wrong. I have my money on Officer Crumb. I really really really need to get to those New Year's Resolutions.
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