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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The End of the Season

The End of the Season

So today is November 30. The 2005 Hurricane season officially ends today. It is with sadness that I will be unpacking my backpack… and placing my urban camo BDUs into the dry cleaners so they can be neat when I pack them away.

A few years ago a friend of mine, not in the business, asked me why it was that I took such pleasure in other people’s misfortune. I guess from the outside, that’s how it looks… but in reality there is no pleasure or happiness in other people’s misery. It’s more of a pleasure in being in a position to relieve that misery.

Granted… there is a definite adrenaline rush… the anticipation of the unknown… driving through 80+ MPH winds in a torrential downpour… landing in an unknown town darkened by downed power lines… rescuing those in misery from wallowing in the muck… yes, it is an adrenaline rush. Those rushes can be addictive. Hell, I am addicted… and I know it. That makes me the better person because at least I can admit it… I think.

But hey… it wasn’t all about the work either. Let’s be honest… in Louisiana we got tattoos and went to Bennigans drinking. In Texas we ate barbecue every chance we got, had “Critical Incident Debriefings” (aka beer) every night, and went to Sulley’s Disco in Jasper County where we rode Matilda, the mechanical bull.

Going to new places… doing different things… meeting new people. That’s what made it an experience of a lifetime. It’s just sad that the only time I get away is when there is a natural disaster.

Here on the home front, I was back in the dentist’s chair at 6:00am this morning. He did some work on Monday, and yesterday I was so wracked with pain I ended up drooling and overdosing on Tylenol. Last night after the Nick put me to sleep talking about something she had done with a stuffed animal and a dry cleaner, I woke up at 3am in agonizing pain.

The pain shot straight through to the brain… and was NOT good. So I ended up calling poor Christine… and at 5:00am she was picking me up off the floor to drag me back to the Chair of Pain. So it turns out this filling he did for me had come out or was coming out… he fixed it… so now I have some semblance of consciousness without a spike going through my skull. Christine basically dragged me back home… threw me in the shower… and made sure I was on the way to work before leaving... hopefully to go back to the sleep I woke her from.

And people wonder why I love this girl… now if only her husband would take the hint and get out of the way…
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