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Monday, November 14, 2005

Infatuation With A New Day

So I’ve had a relatively non-eventful yet very interesting weekend.

My friend with the boyfriend troubles lost her job Friday. Ok… its more than that… she works where I work… and in fact I was her boss up until about two months ago. After returning from my work in the deep south, I have a new role and someone else has taken my place… so she had a new boss.

Now because she’s my friend… there was also that workplace jealousy/hatred of her… which I suppose was fair enough too since I do have strong feelings for her and care for her deeply. Was this unfair targeting? I certainly feel so. On the other hand… she really doesn’t care about it… and it seemed I was more upset about her being fired than she was.

So Saturday she calls me at noon… which if you know her is VERY odd. She’s a late sleeper. Sure enough… her boyfriend who she has been fighting with had called her up and told her all about how he spent the night with another girl. This flipped her out… over the edge… and she was crying hysterically. So… while I had been supportive of her attempts to regain her relationship… going so far as to assist her in trying to romance this LOSER back… I had to tell her enough was enough… and that as bad as it may seem… tomorrow’s a new day… and so we talked four more times that day… I even met her in Mandees where she was shopping with a friend to drop her off some medicine I had left over.

So Sunday she calls me… chipper and happy and has great news she needs to tell me in person. So she comes over, and it turns out she met a guy the night before… blah blah blah. So we go out to dinner where she just prattles on and on and on. During dinner… “HE” calls. Needless to say, we went our separate ways… she went to hang out with him… and I cruised the streets of the Hills looking for some action with my boy KC. It was pretty uneventful… a drunk on probation from Connecticut and a 14 year old flipping from failing chemistry. Go figure.

So I expect to hear how wonderful this new guy is… so one and so forth… and why is this somewhat important? Because I need to break this damn block… and I think a big part of it are my feelings for her. See… even here, I write about her… all I can ever write are things to her… she haunts me worse than the rest and it is definitely affecting me.

Well… I’ve always told her the most important thing to me was her happiness… and hopefully with this new guy she can find that… and tomorrow is a new day… hopefully for me too…

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