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Friday, November 18, 2005

Ambulance Drivers... And Proud Of It!

I found this really really really cool article about ambulance drivers in WWI. It's called Prose and Poetry-Literary Ambulance Drivers of World War I and I'll be honest... I found it inspiring. Hell... I find my job inspiring... I love being an EMT and wouldn't change a damn thing about it!!!

So imagine my glee to see that all these literary giants drove meat wagons in "The Great War". Of course there are the contemporary ambulance writers, like Joe Connelly and the crazy woman in the MidWest who vollies.

I want to be one of those literary giants.

I'd be overjoyed to be a contemporary.

I don't want to have to settle for internet blogger... not that its a bad thing... I just want more.

Last night was interesting though... I got to meet the Steff's new guy. I was pretty ocified... but I do remember I told him I would break both his legs if he broke her heart... and yes I meant it. Of course he then ran away, and had to be dragged back to the table... where I apparently continued to rip him to shreds. Apologies to the Steff... but to hell with it... if he can't handle me then he'll think twice before doing something really really really stupid.

So after getting ocified... I went and had breakfast with one of the friends we were drinking with... and it gets more interesting... because we "hooked" up... not expectedly... in fact not expectedly at all... so unexpected in fact I never made it home or to sleep.

So I've worked all day with cotton mouth... in a euphoric state of sexual satisfaction... but I still have to work tonight on a standby on 7th Avenue and 43 Street for a Shakira concert set-up... and all I really want to do is go to sleep.

Yet I won't... because I'm an ambulance driver... and proud of it!!!
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