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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some Light Hearted Pics

So Pat Malia, one of the guys I went to Texas with, sent me some more pics that I really like... but their digital... and I have nowhere but here to share them... just a few now... cause I'm not looking to overload the whole thing with past glories as this is supposed to be about building my future ones...

Pat Madden, Me, and Big Steve Wilson... if Jerry was here it would have been the only 4 people in all of the company we work for who went to both New Orleans for Katrina and Texas for Rita.

Yes...it rained...
The first night in Texas... obviously with my thumbs up the lack of food hadn't hit me yet full force... but ya know what? It was the best diet I ever went on... I think I should do MREs for a few months again...
Jay Robbins and I are posing with the State Trooper pick-up. Little did we know that later that night this very same vehicle would raid the hospital and our "critical incident debriefing" (aka beer). It seems the county we were stationed in, Sabine County, is a DRY county. No beer no more. Of course we were able to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the dispute brewing between the Texans and West Virginians. Those West Virginians love their beer. Personally I would have liked a nice Merlot at that point.

So... that's my big pic update... nothing too exciting... I really should have saved these for future posts... but why wait?

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