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Friday, December 23, 2005

A Christmas Story

Holidays. Somehow they snuck up on me this year. I really thought I had the shopping under wraps… then realized I really didn’t two days ago. Here’s where I stand:

DJ’s Star Wars bike arrived, but remains in the box. The Steff’s shotglass cabinet, CD, and A.C. Moore Gift Card are in the house, but not wrapped (I opted not to get her the Air Hockey table she wanted for a few reasons… namely where the hell is she going to put it?). I got Mom and Dad the movie gift certificates, but I still need the lotto tickets and crockpot.

The Nick, still not sure what to get her. My brother, still not sure what to get him (maybe I should get them together???). Still not sure what to get my aunt in New Hampshire. The Pudding… what do you buy your ex-wife anyway??? I’m thinking a bag of coal for her…

The only three people I am totally finished on is Christine, Barista, and Jen the Red. In the end… it really is pretty sad… and a huge flashing red indicator that I need to get to shopping like NOW. Of course… I won’t get out of here until six tonight… just when the stores will be PACKED. I’m doomed.

Am I in the holiday spirit??? Nope… not at all. But I know what’s going to happen. Sometime in April I’m going to wake up one morning with this excitement on the inside, and I’ll be thinking its Christmas. It’s just something that happens, and I really can’t explain why. I think it’s probably a delayed reaction to the holidays.

What I am looking forward to is watching my favorite move… A Christmas Story. I remember trudging through the snow with my mom to go see Return of the Jedi when I was like 11 or 12… and it was going to be the 17th time seeing the final installment of the original trilogy. Unbeknownst to us it had been replaced by this movie I had never heard of nor did I want to see. Since mom and I had walked the two miles in the snow… we were going to see it anyway. Later, my mother confessed that I officially only embarrassed her once in life. It was that day, in the movies. I laughed so hard, and so loud that apparently everyone was looking at me. As an adult, I can truly appreciate A Christmas Story for more than its cheap laugh pops… but for the meaning behind them. Looking back, I had a pretty outrageous childhood too… plenty of Ovaltine decoders in my past. I’m sure there are a few in my future too…
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