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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Decking The Halls... Amongst Other Things

Recently I saw a poll on AOL asking whether or not there was a War on Christmas. Apparently, removing “Christ” from “Christmas” has become a common theme in some towns and areas across the country. This includes a few episodes of “Holiday Tree Lightings” and “Hollidazzle” shows.

Then of course there is Beyond Belief Media… who officially declared War on Christmas on December 5. The opening shots were fired across the pages of the New York Times, USA Today, and the New Yorker. They have apparently also waged a guerrilla warfare model against holiday celebrations.

Do I believe there is a War on Christmas? Mmmm… no. Do I believe people are intentionally disrespecting the traditions of Christmas in an anti-Christian stance… absolutely. At the center of my reasoning for this, stands the Christmas Tree. Apparently, people are intentionally renaming it the “Holiday Shrub” or “The Yule Tree”. Well… why do that and not rename the Menorah the “Festival Candelabra” or Kikombe cha Umoja (The Kwanzaa Unity Cup) the “Holiday Mug”. This is why, while I do not believe there is an intentional war on Christmas, I do believe there is intentional disrespect to the traditions of Christmas and the faith the spurned it.

Hence… the reason why I clearly labeled my Christmas Tree as a Christmas Tree this year. Granted, while I may be Christian by design and atheist by choice, I see no reason to purposely disrespect any other religion… so the first person who refers to my Christmas Tree as a “Holiday Shrub” will be getting their collective holiday lighting knocked out.

Your probably wondering why I have suddenly taken this pseudo-political stance here instead of whining away at how miserable my life is… well there are some things that tick me off enough that warrant a stance. The Christmas Tree is one of those things from childhood that in now way shape or form could ever be any different. Always glistening… always glowing… soft shades of color gently illuminating the room. The age of innocence… oh how fond those memories are.

Anyway, reality-check here people. I’m still the grumpy frumpy fat guy with little to no hope for a companion to drive away the loneliness within. Let’s try not to forget that… and don’t forget not to mess with my tree either.
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