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Friday, December 09, 2005

People You Might Meet On The Internet

I believe I have found my long lost brother... Hate.

Hate runs a blog called People You Might Meet On The Internet. This blog is AWESOME!!! It's so awesome... I made him a permanent ligament... so be sure to go and check him out.

Speaking of people you meet on the internet... I think I might have mentioned I do the Match thing. Well, I swapped some winks back and forth between me and another member... we traded some e-mails... and ended up with each other's IM. So we're talking up a storm... and lo and behold she asks if I have any kids... which I of course answer in the affirmative. Suddenly, she turns and is like "Well, nice talking to you, good night."

Now you know what... normally this doesn't bother me... because people like this I wouldn't want around my son anyway... but WTF... have a little class and chat for like a minute more before running for the hills!!!
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