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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Matching Up

So I got this e-mail from one of the ladies on Match who I had sent a wink to after seeing in her profile that she was a Disney kid at heart. I was actually surprised to get this… mainly because I had e-mailed her over a week ago… and I find if you don’t hear back from them in a day or two… you just won’t hear back. So here’s the e-mail she sent me:


I don't think either of us will get very far conversation wise, you see I too have been known to ramble...in fact I probably hold a title of some sort in that category. I am famous for novels rather than emails and don't even let me get started with IM's...As for rules, I was never any good at following them and have only gotten worse with age...some play martyrs, I had more fun playing rebel just usually one without a clue rather than a cause!

Are you also a paramedic? I at one time thought of nursing, I also wanted to be a CSI...long before the New York, Vegas and Miami television series...but after the first class that included a dissection, it was very clear that any type of career with a medical/dead people background was just not for me. There was fainting and vomiting involved...thank goodness not all at the same time. I think that last sentence probably broke a few rules, no?

I traded in years of not having a clue regarding my career path for a steady gig in the travel industry, I am a ticket agent with a major airline. It pays the bills, offers health insurance and has a few little perks...mainly using airplanes the way most people use cabs! It's insane and unfortunately I fit in quite nicely!

Lets see...oh, yes the favorite mill, I will see your favorite color...lavender and raise you favorite cookie...tollhouse chocolate chip. Not that I am teasing you in anyway...I am happy being a part time writer, not that I have been published in anyway, mostly I write trash novels for my best friend...she's my editor and about as far as I get. I never really finish anything, some have beginnings and middles others have middles and ends...I either never know how to begin the sagas or can't figure out for the life of me how to end them. Maybe someday...when I grow up.

It would have been easy if I could have reached you via blahblah@match.com but of course nothing in my life is easy, that's supposed to make you appreciate things more but really all it does is provide a whole lot of unnecessary stress...not that this is stress...see rambling. Anyway, I don't technically belong to match.com at least not in the paying sense, so that's how the complication part of it arises. A friend who is a valid member has agreed to forward this email to you for me. It's almost like passing a note in study hall...which coincidentally is why I spent more time in detention than class.

To simplify, I will give you my email address however there are some questions that I will need you to answer first. One, I need to know up front if your nuts or have a history of insanity in your family...two, how computer savvy are you? Have you ever created your own virus? and three, do you dabble in sending spam mail?Anyway, that's about it...hope it wasn't too painful to get through.


Now here’s the interesting part… when I originally e-mailed her through Match I had sent my private e-mail address… because on Match you never know who is a subscriber… and who isn’t. So… she used her friend’s account to send it. What’s even funnier is she asks me if I’m crazy, or if I make viruses, or if I like to send spam… but then SHE GIVES ME HER ADDY ANYWAY!!! Right… who’s the crazy one now???

So here’s part of my reply to her:

Mmmm… the favorite’s… and you’re a gambler too, trying to come over the top with the cookie… I’ll call the cookie, also chocolate chip (preferably homemade TollHouse as well)… and I’ll raise it up to favorite type of music, which for me is Alternative Rock/Metal/Old School Rap (I know… I’m a music sherbert) AND favorite movie of all time, which when I tell you mine, I think I’ll shock you into folding. See, I have a top ten list… 10-8 is the original Star Wars Trilogy… 7-5 is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy…4-2 is the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy… and the number one favorite movie of all time… the stand alone cinema king… Love Actually. You got know when to hold’em… and when to fold’em… which yes, my current favorite TV show is the World Poker Tour… and please feel free to tease away… I also suffer from bouts of the kindergarden mentality… and will end up pulling a pigtail or two before I’m through.

As for the things you need me to answer first before you give me your e-mail address…

(2) My computer savyness is limited to windows stuff… I can double click on programs and cruise the net… but that’s basically where I end… and no, I never created my own virus, although I have been on the receiving end a few times.

(3) Spam e-mail… I hate it… deplore it… simple because it has taken my beloved Spam and turned it into something ugly. Yes… Spam is something I have, do, and probably will consume. Not that I eat it often… but when need be it is very consumable.

(1) I saved this one for last… define insane. Let’s face it… I drive around in a van with lights and sirens going for people who are shot, stabbed, or puking their brains out… how many sane people do that for a living??? How about for free (I volunteer in Forest Hills)??? And if that seems normal… for vacation this year I spent two weeks in New Orleans… floodwaters and dead schools of fish on the Interstate and all. Of course, my recoup time wasn’t much better, 3 and a half weeks in Rural Eastern Texas with a bunch of West Virginians saving Sabine one call at a time. So… am I insane? I don’t think so… although to be honest… I never asked you if YOU were insane… and in my original e-mail I did give you my aol addy… so maybe I am insane… or trusting. You decide. As for the family… they’re bonkers… totally and completely insane… you’d have to be to put up with the likes of me.

So… we’ll see what happens. To be honest… I actually have high hopes for this one… she seems funny and a little tuned out like myself… and I don’t think she’ll be like the stuck up other ones when she finds out I have a son… although I clearly advertise that fact on Match… although I may be wrong. Heck… who am I kidding? I’m ALWAYS WRONG!!! Then again… I still have high hopes… she seems intriguing… and I loved the whole poker reference thing… maybe in the least, being a kindred writing soul, she can help me drill some holes into my wall to knock it down. I’ll update as things progress.

Hey… STOP!!! Don’t click away yet!!!… did I mention I rented out some BLOG space? Be sure to click on my tenant and give him a whirl… and all that cal my little droogies… all that cal…
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