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Friday, December 23, 2005

Labor vs. Service: A Tale of Failed Unions

What a difference a day makes… well that and the NYC Transit System.  Traffic is moving, my trucks are on time, and all the EMTs and Medics made it to work.  Generally, life is good.

So now the big question the entire city is asking, was it worth it?  The workers are back at work still without a contract, with over $3 million dollars in fines against the union, they have now lost a total of 9 days pay (the three days they didn’t go to work, + the two day pay penalty for each day), and they have no guarantees on anything.  One of the workers was on the news last night saying how “New York is still a labor town!” and a bunch of other pro-union rants.  Liar.

New York may still be a Labor town in the Labor areas… such as the construction unions.  What these guys don’t realize is they just proved that they are not Labor.  The Transit workers are a service based industry.  They aren’t building the trains… they run them.  The Service industries do not have the power or clout of the true Labor industries.  Luckily for the transit workers, there isn’t anyone in the wings chomping at the bit to run the system of subways and buses.  

Now somewhere on the ‘net are rumors that the EMS Union is going to strike effective New Year’s Eve.  In fact, there is a legitimate concern that there will be some sort of job action since EMS workers have worked under the FDNY umbrella now for over 4 years without a contract.  My take on it… I say go on strike… a full blown EMS walk-out… I encourage it and fully endorse it.  Why?  Because, then you’ll learn what the Transit workers needed to learn… you are also a Service industry… and when the mayor fires you, and replaces you all with the private ambulances… you’ll realize the difference and know how all of us who wore green felt in ’96.
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