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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Idiot Savant Blogger of the Day

As a general rule, I hate all those "X of the Day" things... well... except for Bloggin' Hotties which rulez. But here at Nuggets by Howard Sherman I have found a savant... who in his wisdom has pointed out that the American Red Cross was handing out coffee to people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when their website specifically suggests not to give persons with hypothermia anything with caffeine.

So why does this make me so insane? Because this guy has no idea what true hypothermia is. Someone who is truly hypothermic WILL NOT BE WALKING. Now I'll be the first person to realize that my blog is full of useless stuff... mainly its a way for me to try and break down my writing block... but as a Blogger I like to think if I'm going to point out someone's error or the irony in something I'm going to damn make sure I'm right. In this case... I know I'm right... and that's why this guy looking for a cheap pop gets my Idiot Savant Blogger of the Day notation.
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